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The questions are taken from the official guide for the preparation of the Canadian Citizenship. Discover Canada - The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship,


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More than 700 Questions to help you prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Exam and memorize more information.

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On our web site, we have grouped a lot of questions from the guide ''Discover Canada – The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship'', to make tests that you can pass on line, To help you learn and memorize relevant informations that may be asked during your Canadian citizenship test.

Preparation manual

Download the official preparation manual for the Canadian Citizenship test here 'Discover Canada : The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship'

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The latest update was made following the proclamation of Charles III King of England in March 2022

The Canadian Citizenship Test

Canadian Citizenship Application Processing Time

The current average time to have Canadian citizenship is 12 months, but this time may vary depending on the number of applications received by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
You can check application processing times,
Check application processing times.
If the delay indicated here has been exceeded for a long time, use this web form.

Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian citizenship test lasts 30 minutes and contains 20 questions.
If you have at least 15 correct answers, this will make a score of 75%, the test is successful. If you fail, you will have the option of a second attempt. If you fail twice, you will have to go to an interview with the immigration commissioner.
On this website you can test your knowledge by taking Free Canadian Citizenship Test.

Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian citizenship test is a very important step in gaining Canadian citizenship, but before reaching the test stage there is a preliminary step to be taken.
First of all, you must be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.
The important points respected are the following :
  • - Be present in Canada for at least 1,095 days during the five years preceding, after your arrival in Canada
  • - Filing income tax returns for three taxation years in the five years preceding your application
To check if you can apply for citizenship click here.

Then you have to apply for citizenship. You will find all the documents on the site of the Government of Canada

Then come the turn of the test of Canadian citizenship which requires a good preparation because one of the requirements for obtaining citizenship is to know one of the spoken language in Canada which is French and English, and to demonstrate knowledge of Canada, its history, the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.
This test is in the form of multiple choice questions, made up of 20 questions, you must answer just at least 15 questions to get a score of 75%. In preparation for the Canadian Citizenship Test, the official study guide is made available to you Discover Canada – The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

All the test questions are taken from this guide and only from this guide, for its use the Canadian government offers it free in several forms, you can read it on your screen, have it in pdf format, as an audio file or as a video.

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